Christina Hoffman

Christina is a wife, Mother, and Yogi; She founded Rebel Yoga because she wanted her

voice and thought the process to be represented in the yoga community. “I feel very lucky because

my husband actually encouraged me to follow my dream and open a Yoga studio, on MY

TERMS.” She enjoys and loves all different types of physical activity from walking her two dogs

Harley (German Shepard) & Sampson (Saint Bernard) to paddle boarding or surfing. She

believes any and all activities compliment her yoga practice.

Christina started her fitness journey in 1999. She worked in the aquatics field for the

greater part of her career, starting as a Lifeguard and working her way up to became the

Aquatics Director of Spiece Field House where she eventually specialized in Lifeguard Training

Water Safety Lessons, and Aquatic Education Association where she wrote a lot of her own

teaching curriculum. She also found herself “giving back” by coaching high school and club

swim & dive programs. Christina says “she found yoga by accident” while sidelined with an

injury she suffered while training for a Marathon. She says she was “completely surprised” at all

of the benefits that came with her yoga practice both mentally and physically. She says, “Yoga

has given me the tools to be a better wife, mother, and friend, for that I will be forever grateful.”

Once her yoga journey began, she started to practice rigorously falling in love with the satisfaction

and self-growth she felt every time she stepped on and off her mat. She realized she wanted to

take her practice to the next level and became a certified teacher. However, Christina says she

“never found herself fitting into the traditional yoga world”. She wanted to feel free to express

and live her practice and teachings according to her own terms She went on to explain that, that

meant less Meditation and more Physicality. As Christina explains it “The harder I work, the

more clarity I get; The more clarity I get the more at Peace I become. That is what I want to give

my student and all who enter Rebel Yoga.”